Helping people connect in the run-up to events

Research shows we're much more likely to take part in an activity - join a club, attend university, or take part in volunteering - if we know someone else who is doing it, and when we know what to expect.

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Bringing people together

Networky is an online buddy system where attendees are paired and chat prior to an event.

How it works

People are paired or put into groups  - either with a mentor who already knows the lay of the land, or with someone going through the experience at the same time as them. 

They then begin messaging - sharing thoughts on the event, and getting to know each other. 

 This leads to reduced anxiety, increases turn-up rate, and promotes engagement on the day.

Proven to increase attendance

We launched Networky in June 2017 in a pilot study working with the National Citizen Service (NCS), a voluntary personal and social development programme for 15-17 year olds. We conducted a randomized controlled trial to test Networky. People were either assigned to a control group, who got business as usual, or to be put into a Networky Buddy Pair. People who were put into pairs exchanged thousands of messages over the few weeks of the pilot, and were 7% more likely to turn up to NCS.

Buddy stories

I was a lot calmer about it before I went, and when I did go, I had someone to talk to and I didn’t feel as alone as I thought I would.

– Young person on NCS

I thought it was good how we didn’t have to speak through our phones and it was online. They didn’t get my phone number and it wasn’t a social network but just that, which I liked.

– Young person on NCS

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